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Mechanical Parts Rapid Prototype Processing

Mechanical Parts Rapid Prototype Processing


Mechanical parts processing occupied a large market share in prototyping industry. Also in Tuowei model a lot of those orders received from customers. The following is one of our product.

Mechanical parts

Mechanical rapid prototype

As the structure is a little complicated, four-axis machines(automatic tool) is applied to machine the parts.


Firstly, our programmers will work on the 3d drawings and write the program for tooling path.

Secondly, as per the tooling path, mechanical parts rapid prototype can be machined with raw material.

rapid prototype is machined

Thirdly, after our experienced hand workers polished the parts, our QC team will check the parts as per the 3d and 2d drawings carefully. Final products pictures will be sent to clients for confirmation.

Finally, we will pack up those metal prototypes well as per customer’s requirement.

Shenzhen Tuowei Model has been entered in prototyping production for nearly 16 years. CNC machining is one of our main business. And more than 25 CNC metal machines gives a great support for delivery time, with 0.02-0.05mm tolerance.


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