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How to Choose a Good Model Manufacturer

How to Choose a Good Model Manufacturer


As we all know, prototype plays an important role in testing design. Modify the design to make product perfect, for a trade show, or a graduation work. All those need to make prototyping. But how to choose a good model manufacturer?

1. Material: plastic and metal material are available for us. But how to choose the best suitable one? It depends on the application of your project. Inflaming retarding, high temperature resistance or strong impact force, that’s all the decisive factors.

2. Processing way: CNC machining, 3d printing, vacuum casting are available for prototyping. It’s a professional question to determine which way is suitable. Cost, surface finish,delivery time have to be taken into consideration. For instance, if part is small with complex structure, 3d printing is perfect.

CNC Machining

3. Delivery time: If your project is in urgent, a bigger prototyping factory is important. Tuowei Model has been in this industry since 2002, we have more than 55 sets CNC machines. It gives a good support for our customers.

prototyping factory

tuowei prototype

All in all, Tuowei has the ability to meet all requirements you want in modeling.

Make models in your way! This is Tuowei.

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