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POM/Acetal Rapid Prototype

POM/Acetal Rapid Prototype

POM/Acetal material in black and white, its density is 1.42, long-term temperature of 100 degrees, generally used between -40 degrees to 100 degrees. Shore D hardness of 85 degrees glue stick, easy deformation during process. This material is processed with a hand generally do not dismantling, if done piecemeal, Can only be a screw or post match into a whole, but this method is not recommended to be used.

POM prototype

POM has good performance and features, first it has excellent mechanical properties, tensile strength, impact strength, creep resistance, abrasion resistance and lubricity, have a good capacitive resistance, oil resistance, weak resistance, weak base and other properties, commonly used for gears and other structural components have strength requirements, processing machinery parts, internal structural parts, precision instruments and so on. Resistance to organic solvents at room temperature is different, dissolved, add low temperature fabricate, high mechanical strength and rigidity strength, good cutting processing, surface can be polished, sandblasting, polishing and other processing. some products design can choose POM material to make function prototype, BTW vacuum casting production have POM material.

The detail of POM prototype

POM material also has its shortcomings, Not resistant to strong acid, not resistant to ultraviolet light, no self-extinguishing type, near fire and not impact resistance, etc.



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