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Shenzhen prototype maker

Shenzhen prototype maker


Shenzhen tuowei Model technology Co., Ltd is the most professional manufacturer of prototypes and models mock-up service.

Tuowei model  in prototyping and modeling for household appliances, mobile phones, cars, vacuum cleaners, air condition, TV sets, washing machines, medical equipment, and office equipment etc., And it has well-equipped operating conditions, such as international advanced rapid prototyping equipment, vacuum casting system, large-scale precision CNC maching center, SLA and SLS 3d printing equipment, focusing-on-making & functional-test mockup system and precision mockup system etc. And the main equipments include 55 CNC maching centers, 1 vacuum machine and 1 sand blasting machine.

CNC maching centers

prototype maker

The general manager Mr Owen, who has been in this field for 24 years. Early in 2002, he established the shenzhen tuowei Model Co. Ltd with his innovative ideas and 10 years of R&D experience. 

Owen also attaches importance to technology improvement and accumulation. Now it has 150 experienced technical staffs. The whole team are united and quite good at processing highly difficult prototypes and models. Without being limited by material and processing difficulty, The material used can be ABS, PC, POM, PA, PMMA, PE, PPS, PVC, TEK and all kinds of steel alloy.

For its good service, Tuowei have become the reliable partner of Panasonic, Philips,  Midea, Sharp, Chery etc. famous enterprises.

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