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Prototype Making for Sunrise from Isreal

Prototype Making for Sunrise from Isreal


Mr. Haim found us thru Alibaba since 3 years ago, and satisfied with our past performance among price, delivery and service. he visited us for the further cooperation and wish to go for more new project with us including Medical equipment and Automotive field. he believe that we can share more profit with him if he assigned us more projects as our company price lever is a bit higher than other competitors. but they like to deal with us so, he want to do more closer business connection.

Mr. Haim visited us on May.25.2015, after a good arrangement of factory tour, the Programing, the CNC, The Polishing and Printing, QC..etc. he was satisfied with our overall working performance and attitude.

Mr. Haim give us some important notice before he leave.

1. Never make shipment after Friday as Israel didn’t work on Friday until Monday. if we ship it on Saturday, client can only 

get the goods after 1 week. So, the best timing to make shipment is every Friday, they can get the goods on next Monday.

2. All the enquiry and quote must be response in fast.

3. Every project must be prepared by a BOM list.


We always do this job for our valued clients even Mr.Haim didn't ask. we have had a wonderful meeting with Mr.Haim, we took a picture before he left our company.

Tuowei-Prototype Making for Sunrise from Isreal

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