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Prototype Making for IFFPER SPA, Germany

Prototype Making for IFFPER SPA, Germany


Prototype is made according to the original design/drawing, in order to double check if the new design is correct or not. it is actually not a product but it can help to find out where the problem is. Prototype can always help to find out the problem of the design and improve it. but, sometimes, there is a problem need to be careful is that the initial design can not be perfect made otherwise, it’s hard to find out the problem if we didn't really check so, there will be a big waste including manpower, material, and time which is a big impact to the company.

IFFPER SPA is an professional coffee prototype maker from Germany, they need to do many prototype as they do develop a lot of new product every year. We met them since 1 year ago. 


Tuowei-Prototype Making for IFFPER SPA, Germany

our CEO Owen and Sharon joined the IFA show in Germany on 2014, we didn't really got any result even 1 business card for the first2 days, we feel that we must do something from the great show so, we tried to communicated with foreigner and we finally got many business card and we took a picture from one of them who are the GM and Designer of IFFPER SPA. we had a great talk during the short meeting.

Tuowei-Prototype Making for IFFPER SPA, Germany-1

After get back to factory, I started to mail them for over 3 months, they finally asked me to help them make prototype for their new coffee machine and after I tried my best, I closed the deal with them! The GM told me the only reason to win the deal is due to my insist.

After recieved product data from client, we did a great coffee machine thru all the necessary process.

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