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Prototype Making for ACIC, Korea

Prototype Making for ACIC, Korea


We never imagine that we can get a client from Korea, but after we paid our effort to the internet operation, Korean client can easily found us and close a deal.


On Feb.2015, ACIC from Korea visited us and asked if we can make Aluminum Prototype. we told them that we do confidence to do the Aluminum prototype as we make prototype already over 13 years.

However, they didn't really beleive but told us he needs to report to his boss for further comment as they didn't really beiieve that we are the qualifed prototype maker.

Few days later, The boss of ACIC visited our factory with his staff, and after their survey to check all our factory facility and machines with many certification. they were very impressed about our company and believe that Tuowei can be a helfup partner.

After order is confirmed. we started to make prototype according to their deisgn. after proceed with all the related process, we shipped out a perfect Aluminum Prototype with perfect package to them thru logistic. The boss of ACIC gave us a highly commended to our excellent job.

Tuowei-Prototype Making for ACIC, Korea

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