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Prototype Client from USA

Prototype Client from USA


The GIS Outdoor Inc. visited our company on 6th, Mar, 2015. the whole story is, Few days ago, the trading company of GIS found us and ask help that they have a US client need to do the factory survey but they dont have factory to prove. even they feel neveres, but they finally take their client to visit our factory as they trust in Tuowei.

After the GIS clients visited, they was very much impressed about our company overall operation system, especially we have enough advanced CNC machine, and high precision workshop where we can do very high accuracy items. they decided to contact us for further project without connecting trading company in order tohave fast communication effect. the Trading company feel upset but they have to admit that this is the reality that client need to have solid service from real factory instead of trading firm.

Tuowei-Prototype Client from USA

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