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Prototyping Making for DAVAD, Mexico

Prototyping Making for DAVAD, Mexico


Some time ago, Mr ARNOLDI from Mexico DAVAD company found our company via international Alibaba. After a short chat, Mr ARNOLDI decided to ask his friend in Shenzhen to observe our company first. If we could reach his requirement, he would visit our company with his friend. 

ARNOLDI's friend visited our company and was very satified with our strength, then gave the feedback to Mr ARNOLDI. On the May 20th 2015, Mr ARNOLDI and his friend came to our company and brought his 3d drawing also. Because Mr ARNOLDI needed to make metal prototype, so we introduced him to visit our metal prototype machining workshop(we have 38 big-size sets CNC machining in total, there are 14 sets used to making metal prototype among them). 14 sets high-speed drilling and tapping machines with servo tool changer, it can position exactly, what's more, with the accurance of 0.05mm. Mr ARNOLDI was very satisfied with our company, he thought it was a correct choice to cooperate with us.

Next, we analysised Mr ARNOLDI's 3d drawing together, we found there was something incomplete in drawing. Mr ARNOLDI asked us to consummate the 3d drawing based his drawing. Finally, Mr ARNOLDI took a photo with our oversea seller and our marketing director. 

Tuowei-Prototyping Making for DAVAD, Mexico

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