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Shenzhen CNC Factory

Shenzhen CNC Factory


In prototyping industry, cnc machining covers large percent. CNC machines are able to work with a great many different materials, including: plastics (ABS/PC/POM/PP/PVC/PMMA etc.), metals (Stainless steel, Aluminum, brass etc)wood and other specialist materials. After program well, nearly all processing are controlled by computer.

There are many cnc machining factories in China.It’s very competitive in this industry. But why customers prefer to choose Tuowei Model as their partners for their new product development


Firstly,fast turnaround time plays an important role in product development.Specialized in prototype industry for nearly 15 years,we have own more than 55 CNC milling,turning and cutting machines.It could guarantee 3-7 working days of lead time for our clients.

               Tuowei-Shenzhen CNC Factory

Secondly, some clients are strict with product strength. If the length of part more than 1.5 meters, there is no other way rather than split machining. But in Tuowei model, our max milling size is 2000*1300*650mm. Most of projects can be whole processed.

If you choose Tuowei, we could provide you with the best prototyping service!

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