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How to Make Car Electronic Dog Rapid Prototype

How to Make Car Electronic Dog Rapid Prototype


Car electronic dog is not a real dog! It is a kind of car device. Its function is to remind the drivers of the electronic eyes or speed radar in advance to prevent over speed or violation to be fined and penalties. It could make drivers enjoy the driving, so it is also called safe driving reminder. In fact , it’s similar as Mobile navigation.

This car electronic dog is Mr .ou’s regular customer project, so the process will be more simple, below is  production process and surface finished . 

car electronic dog rapid prototype


car electronic dog prototype making process:

1 Sales arrange production : After received the PO , sales will upload all the information including 3d files and 2d prints to OA system production department.

2 CNC Programming: the engineers will download the car electronic dog drawings, then programming, after that they will send the program to CNC machining center .

3 CNC machining : CNC machinist will download the designated program, then cut the material as required, finally CNC machine the prototype.

CNC machining

4 Polish :The surface finish department will debur and polish the parts, then will start polishing and test assembly


5 Surface finish: for the car electronic dog prototype, we do painting and silk-screen  for these parts.

6 Quality control : When all parts finished , the QC department will test the prototype parts as per clients’ 3d files and reassemble. Once all parts are qualified, the parts could be packed up and shipped out to clients .

Above is the general working flow of our prototype making process.If you have any other questions about making prototype , please feel free to contact us .

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