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Prototyping Methods

Prototyping Methods


Rapid prototype is more and more popular in product development.But do you know how to make the prototypes for CAD design?

CNC Machining

With high precision,high strength and competitive price,cnc milling is the most widely-used way in prototype making.It can work with different kinds of materials including plastics (ABS/PC/POM/PP/PVC/PMMA etc.), metals (Stainless steel, Aluminum etc) ,wood and other special materials like PEEK,PPS,PBT.

CNC machining

Specialized in prototyping industry since 2002,we have more than 50 CNC milling,cutting and turning machines.We could satisfy urgent needs of prototypes from our clients with 3-7 working days quick turnaround time.

SLA(Stereo lithography)/SLS(Selective Laser Sintering) Rapid Prototype

Nowadays,3D printing is an advanced technology.It is widely used in many industries.Clients prefer to print the parts which is small and has complex structures like human body models as it is cheap and fast.

Also in Tuowei Model,we have our own 3d printers,imported from Israel(Objet 30),Germany(EOS) and SLA printers made in china.We could provide the cost differences of different techniques for your reference.


Vacuum Casting/RTV Technology

For vacuum casting process,a master model is necessary,which could be made by CNC or 3D printing.Then we will use this master to make a silicone mold.After that we will inject liquid resin material into the mold.Finally we could get the same parts as the masters out of the mold.

Vacuum Casting

If you need to make a small batch of products with short time and low cost,vaccum casting is a perfect way to make the parts.


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