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How Much Does it Cost to Make a Prototype

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Prototype


When you develop a new product, it will cost a lot if you make a mold to make the first prototype. Some molds worth hundreds of thousands, millions of RMB. If there is unreasonable structures or not applicable use, it will cause a great loss.Then prototype industry is rising up under the situation. So how much does it cost to make a prototype? It depends on the factors below.

As 3d models is customized, the prices is not the same.For instance, the size of two kinds of robots is almost the same. But the prices will be different as shape or surface treatment is different.

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1. If the size of prototypes is bigger,it will cost more materials and price will be higher.



2. If the structure of prototype is more complex,it will cost more time to finish.



3. For the same prototype,different material will cause different costs.


Surface Treatment

4.More surface finish the prototype requires,price will be higher.


Include shipping cost, fax or not

5.The price will be higher if it includes shipping cost or taxes.



The price of making a prototype is not based on one of the factors, instead, it has a relationship with all the factors above. If you are interested in how much it will cost to make a prototype, just kindly send us the 3d files by email and our project management team will give you the cost analysis based on your files.

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