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The Laser Etching of Rapid Prototype

The Laser Etching of Rapid Prototype


Definition :

Laser Etching,also known as laser engraving or laser marking, is a kind of surface finish which engrave logos or characters on the prototypes.

Laser Etching

Laser Etching of prototype


Required documents:PDF file/CDR/AI format

What kinds of materials & surfaces can be laser etched? 

Tuowei can laser etch & engrave All METALS including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper. Also including Base material, Anodized, Painted, Plated, Polished(Darker Color).

Case Study:

Laser Etching is the last process on prototype.Aluminum 6061 Black Anodized & Laser Etching. We will use documents(PDF file/CDR/AI format)transfer into CorelDraw.

Then upload the data to Laser Machine. And open the laser etching machine,it will work automatically.

Generally speaking, the depth of laser engraving is 0.08mm.


1.White or close to the white color can not be carved

2.The characters on the Curved surface are easy to be deformed

3.Painted Red Color could not be Laser etched

4.The depth of laser etching aluminum parts is 0.1mm,0.1-0.3mm for plastic parts,0.08mm for other metals like iron

5.The maximum area of laser etching is 100*100mm.If it is larger than 100*100mm,it will require joint laser etching.But it will not look good as there will be obvious joint marks.

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