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The Rapid Prototype Manufacturer with Good Confidentiality

The Rapid Prototype Manufacturer with Good Confidentiality


When companies develop new products, making rapid prototype is a very important part of R & D products.Therefore,prototype manufacturers need to keep confidential about any information provided by clients. Tuowei Model is a big rapid prototype manufacturer and we have double guarantees to protect our clients’ design.


NDA : We could sign NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement) with our clients. We will not upload any related information of product (such as photos) on the network within the validity of NDA.


Security Software:In order to prevent our clients’ design not leaked out, we also introduced a confidential software and install it in all the computers of our company in 2014. Without authorized decryption of our general manager,there is no way to open any documents sent out from the computers. Even if someone could copy the file, there will only be messy codes.

Security Software

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