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Prototype Making of Vacuum Casting

Prototype Making of Vacuum Casting


Vacuum casting is an ideal choice for small batch of rapid prototype with a low-cost but reliable method for making a small amount of high quality prototypes. It is a casting process for elastomers using a vacuum to pour the liquid material into the mold. This is special process by silicone molding.We need to create a master of plastic first. Then we could use the master to duplicate the product with limited quantity.

Vacuum casting

relative sample

Advantage Of Vacuum Casting

1)Shorter delivery time than CNC milling of small consumer products,prototype can be ready in a few days once the plastic master model has been created.

2) Good for testing complex structural rapid products.

3)Color can be customized by casting to meet your color requirements,for instance,rubber,ABS material.

4) Low cost for low volume production before injection molding of mass production.

5)More reasonable price compared with CNC machining and 3D printing for some parts.

6)We provide overmolding service, so that different types of plastic can be molded together into a single unit

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