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Who is Your Best Choice to Place an Order?

Who is Your Best Choice to Place an Order?


It is believed that most of the clients prefer a large-scale prototyping company which means more machines and big production available, meanwhile the quality of each finished product is guaranteed.  People might questioned that what kind of Prototyping Company can be labeled with large-scale?

Tuowei-Who is Your Best Choice to Place an Order

First of all, the number of machines is necessarily beyond other competitors, which enables the company to accept bulk orders.  Thus, both the date of delivery and the confidentiality of buyers’ design can be guaranteed once outgoing production order is avoided.  Tuowei is Prototyping Company with its own twenty-two CNC machines and Israel-imported 3D printers and automatic rapid prototyping devices.  

Apart from devices, human resource is also a standard of large-scale prototyping company.  Tuowei employed over a hundred of the staff which involves from experienced officers and business persons to professional engineers and other factory labors to handle different works.  

To sum up, companies who are of these two conditions can basically be called large and reliable prototyping company.

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