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A brief introduction to the difference between the prototype model mold and the craft sculpture

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2014-07- 10 12: 08

briefly describe the difference between the prototype model mold and the craft sculpture. The difference between the prototype model and the handicraft sculpture is that the prototype model can be made by hand, however, most of them are made by CNC machine tools. The prototypes produced by the machine are of higher specifications and higher accuracy. For teaching arts and crafts sculpture, some computers do not support drawing its three views for the time being, so photos can only be used in design; For their own design works, they require strong artistic skills and high hand-painted ability. Materials can meet the conditions of sculpture and the material required is soft, but it does not need the processing of the machine tool. The material commonly used in mold production is silicone rubber, which breaks the constraint of the traditional use of steel molds, so now there is a large space for Mold creation, but what it needs more is how skilled the designer is and how well he understands the craft. Mold production is generally completed by the processing of mold machine tools. In terms of production, it belongs to those who focus on industrial modeling industries and want to make molds. The finished products produced are generally plastic, therefore, the fineness requirements are very high; The mold and prototype of handicrafts are very different, and the precision is far from the high of the prototype (But also very fine)The finished product is generally not plastic.

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