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a chinese 3d print studio fuses ancient art with modern tech

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
These small and gorgeous statues look like relics of the old days: a serene Buddha head of the Tang Dynasty, or a series of stones --
Facing soldiers in the Qin era.
However, the creative process is clearly modern.
Xi\'an, capital of Northwest Shaanxi province, has Terracotta Warriors and Horses and 1,000-year-
A small studio and factory replicate ancient art using 3D printing technology.
\"All the complex details of the original design are kept in 3D molds,\" Xi Xin, president of Xi\'an automotive digital technology, told AFP.
\"Human workers may not be able to produce everything we want in design, but printers can do it all.
\"The company\'s products are sold in museum stores and individual collectors, and are one of the companies that use China to enter 3D printing ---a rapidly-
Emerging industries incorporated into the national manufacturing strategy.
\"In the past five years, 3D printing in China has gone from 1 billion yuan ($149 million)
The industry reached more than 100 billion yuan ($14. 9 billion)
Luo, head of the China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance, told AFP on June. -
Technological breakthrough-
Luo said that 3D printing came to China after 90 s, after professors from Tsinghua University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology brought back the technology from the United States.
These methods developed slowly at first in the country, but with the support of the government, the industry gained momentum.
China\'s State Council\'s \"Made in China 2025\" industrial development plan will promote the \"new breakthrough in 3D printing\" as the development focus of the next decade, the Ministry of Science and Technology will be 3D printing as 13 key projects of scientific and technological innovation.
\"Now China\'s 3D printing industry is bigger than Europe and the United States,\" Luo said . \".
Xi \'an car digital technology company has developed its 3D design technology in the past ten years, using stereo printing machines to print digital copies of carefully constructed historical relics.
The design process may take one to three months, while it will take weeks to print more complex pieces.
Once the prototype is completed, it will be large scale
Production in factory using the same material--
Usually wood or copper. -
As a relic of its imitation.
\"Our customers won\'t buy our products because of 3D printing, but it does make things easier,\" Xi said . \".
For example, if the customer decides to ask 80-
Not an elephant with 50 centimeters.
CM 1, programming a 3D printer accordingly is a simple thing.
Xi\'s company also makes 3D printing molds for sculptors who use them as models of their own handmade artwork.
Final product--
Painted miniature model selling price between 20 yuan ($3)and 500 yuan ($74)--
Popular among tourists pouring into xi \'an, known as the oldest of China\'s four imperial capitals.
The statues are now being sold in the tombs of the first Chinese emperor Qin Shihuang and his Terracotta Warriors.
There, it can be traced back to the cemetery of 200 B. C.
Visitors can hold Chinese future 3D \"cultural relics\" in their hands.
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