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a new handlebar design helping tasmanian institute of sport cyclists

by:Tuowei     2019-08-24
A new handlebar design can help cyclists get a better aerodynamic position, which may be the key to improving their performance on the track at the Tasman Athletic Institute.
Chi Ngo, graduate of Union College of Australian Maritime Academy
Operating the engineering project, working closely with TIS chief bike coach Matthew Gilmore to carry out custom designs to help cyclists move forward faster by eliminating turbulent air
Flow between the handle and the forearm.
A prototype has been successfully tested and hopefully the new design will be promoted in the TIS bike team to replace their L-
Shape of handlebars.
\"We can measure the difference between the old handlebars and the new handlebars by trial running,\" Gilmore said . \".
\"We used the handle last year and actually broke the state\'s record in team pursuit, so as an institute, it\'s something we\'re particularly proud, but it can also verify the design designed by the Australian Maritime Academy for us.
\"The end product is great and looks great, it will definitely surprise a lot of people and people are very interested in the design.
The NGO undertook the design project as part of his bachelor\'s degree in engineering and graduated in 2016.
He said that in studying the design of ships and submarine structures, there seems to be a world apart from rail bikes, and the theory of supporting engineering can be applied in any field.
\"The purpose of this project is to optimize the shape of the handlebar and provide the best performance for cyclists.
\"I redesigned the handles so that they are more ergonomic and adjusted the rise from the starting point to the handles, which is more supportive and comfortable,\" Ngo said . \".
\"In addition to improving the shape of the handlebar, the handlebar structure needs to be strong enough to carry the weight of the cyclist.
By performing structural analysis of the prototype, I was able to optimize the shape, weight, and quantity of materials required for the design.
\"The model of the best prototype was created and printed using AMC\'s design software and 3D printer, and the final result was made with the action carbon fiber to make the mold of the first group of handles.
Gilmore\'s son, Zach, who used the new bar at the recent National Championships in Athletics, said the design allowed Tasman cyclists to compete using modern equipment and technology.
\"Our goal is to launch as many new handlebars as possible for our TIS scholarship athletes,\" he said . \".
\"We also love being able to work with the Australian Maritime Academy to give Tasman athletes an advantage on the national platform.
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