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A new twist on a twist

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

Nature is filled with a perfect spiral.

They appear in the horns and shells of animals, in DNA, in the tender tendrils of plants.

But the formation of the spiral may become complicated: in some cases, the direction of rotation may be reversed as the spiral grows.

The resulting structure is called a semi-spiral, and you may have created one yourself by undoing a part of the telephone line, so that it flipped and spiraled in another direction.

Professor of applied mechanics at Harvard University, Katya betolledi, and her colleagues wanted to see how the semi-helix was formed independently.

So they stretched a silicone rubber onto the second unstretched rubber strip and let the pair leave.

Researchers say they can get a range of shapes by adjusting the size of the adhesive rubber sheet.

 new twist on a twist

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