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A numerical scheme of convex yield function with

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08


Association traffic rules (NAFR)

The model adopts a convex function YLD-

2004 as a function of yield stress and plastic potential energy.

The yield stress function coefficients are constantly updated, and these coefficients are associated with changes in the direction of the axial yield stress and the two-way yield stress to simulate the behavior of the heterosexual hardening.

This is achieved by implementing the numerical identification program of the coefficient into the stress integration program.

The coefficient of the plastic potential energy function is constant, and through the one-way and two-way r-value.

The model can describe the behavior of the deformation and yield of the strong woven aluminum alloy sheet.

In this paper, the model is implemented into the finite element program through the finite element program to predict AA5042-

H2 aluminum alloy.

Compared with the same-sex hardening model, the new one showed better consistency with the experiment.

 numerical scheme of convex yield function with continuous anisotropic hardening based on non-associated flow rule in FE analysis of sheet metal

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