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A soaring atrium, study nooks and 3D printers:

by:Tuowei     2019-06-08

The Central Library in Ottawa may not have architects until next October at the earliest, 16-

The monthly design process started in early 2018.

Nevertheless, the documents submitted by the Ottawa Public Library depict a picture of how a new Central Library will use the space, which will share the space with the Canadian Library and Archives.

• External space will include a drop-

Close area for vehicles and buses, 24/7 of books drop and parking for strollers and bikes.

In addition, squares and green spaces will be provided for public gatherings and outdoor activities.

Signage and banners will promote exhibitions and events internally.

The main entrance and library Express are the two areas in front of the library and will be the 'front porch and window' to enter the building '.

Everyone entering the building must go through the main entrance.

The Library Express will be designed as a bookstore

Like the environment.

Users will have quick access to the library and provide quick peaks of other services elsewhere in the building.

When the rest of the library is closed, it can also be opened for use. The exhibition space will be a prominent feature on the ground floor of the atrium, and the entrance from the Canadian Library and Archives will be close or clearly visible.

Artifacts and works of art from the Canadian Library and Archives, the Ottawa Public Library and the Ottawa City Archives, as well as touring exhibitions, will be on display in the space, which will also have recessed cases, allow free viewing without needing to enter the gallery.

There's a lot of potential here-

For example, there are 4,500 portraits in LAC's collection, and exhibitions are often held in the hall.

Guy Betty OM, head of the LAC, said the new Central Library will provide a venue that will get more viewers.

The family tree Center will also be on the main floor with views of the City Hall and LAC entrance.

This will be a shared space that provides family tree resources for OPL and LAC.

Experienced genealogists will be able to help themselves, but there are also staff at hand to help.

• The Forum will overlook the city square and entrance.

It will have a son

Separate meeting room

Purpose Theater, presentation kitchen, speaker and performer area, and reception space outside the meeting room, beverage or snack bar and dining kitchen.

Adult fiction and non-

The novel area will be the largest space in the library.

Here, users can find novels.

Novels and media, get the technology and space to read, study quietly, browse and relax.

Space will also be provided for small groups and tutoring rooms.

• Visitors will not be screened at the Children's Discovery Center.

The library describes it as 'interesting sound separation' from the rest of the library '.

This will be the home of the children's collection and will also provide space for story time, play area and noisy play area.

There will also be spaces for tutoring, areas for quiet study and reading, and areas for chaotic programming and creative spaces.

Amenities include a stroller parking space, a family bathroom, and a nursing room.

The teen district will be a space that will be included in the print and the multi-voice separate

Media Collection and places for teenagers to play, learn and hang out.

Facilities include an open microphone and a stage performance area.

 soaring atrium, study nooks and 3D printers: how space will be used in the new library

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