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Adidas to mass-produce 3D-printed shoe with Silicon

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Adidas has allowed people to customize the color and pattern of shoes ordered online, but the new 3D printing method will make the production smaller, limited edition shoes, even the sole design fits the individual's weight and gait economy.

Adidas launched a 3D sports shoe on Friday.

It plans a printed sole for mass production

Production next year, part of a broader push by German sportswear companies, aims to respond faster to changing fashion and create more custom products.

Adidas has allowed people to customize the color and pattern of shoes ordered online, but the new 3D printing method will make small production run, limited edition shoes, and even sole design suitable for personal weight and gait economy.

Rival Nike of Armour and New Balance are also trying 3D printing, but so far they have only used this technology to make prototypes, tailor soles for sponsored athletes, and some high

Shoes with novel price.

This is because traditional 3D printers are slower and more expensive than plastic injection molds that currently produce hundreds of millions of pairs of shoes each year, and often make inferior products, mainly in Asia.

However, Adidas says its new partnership with Silicon Valley has begun

Up Carbon allows it to overcome many of these difficulties in order to allow the speed and price of mass production to produce a sole that can be comparable to the sole made with an injection mold.

'This is not only a milestone for our company, but also a milestone for the industry,' said Greg Manz, head of technology innovation at Adidas . ' Announced the launch of the new 'future 4D' shoes.

'We have broken some boundaries.

'Carbon, funded by venture companies such as Sequoia Capital and Google, which runs General Electric and Alphabet, has pioneered a technology that prints with light --

Then bake the sensitive polymer resin to enhance the strength.

Standard 3D printers make products with plastic powder layers, and one way HP uses is to work with Nike and indicate that its newest machine works 10 times faster than its earlier model, the cost is half of the early model.

Adidas hopes to sell 5,000 pairs of 'future 4D' this year, an increase of 100,000 next year. the time to reduce carbon emissions is currently the only one and a half hours, as low as the monthly sole.

The shoe will be sold at an unspecified premium, but Adidas plans to reduce costs as technology evolves.

At the end of last year, Adidas sold hundreds of pairs of running shoes made from regular 3D printing for $333, but they were relatively hard and heavy, and it took 10 hours to print.

Carbon's technology will enable Adidas to produce small-volume shoes more quickly.

Previously, small-scale production was not economical, as most metal molds on the sole needed to be used 10,000 times to cover the cost, and it took four to six weeks for casting and grinding.

'What you can do is launch more types of products without cost loss,' said Terry Wohlers, head of Wohlers Associates, USA. S.

Consulting company specializing in 3D printing.

'With this technology, you can produce one or several at a cheap price.

'Wohlers expects sales in the 3D printing industry to more than double to $26 billion by 2022, driven primarily by the automotive, medical, dental and jewelry industries.

Adidas originally planned to customize a batch of shoes for a specific sport or city, but wanted consumers to finally measure and test in the store to design perfectly --

Fit shoes are adjusted for the individual's gait, weight and movement type.

'Personalized will come, but you have to learn to walk before running,' Manz said . ' He cited a survey that showed that 80% of consumers wanted to be part of the design process.

Adidas tried pop music last month.

Customers can design customized stores

sweater was knitted in the shop.

3D printing will also help to shorten the time to buy a new design from the 12 months that sneakers usually take to 18 months.

To this end, Adidas will also open factories mainly operated by robots in Germany and the United States.

Adidas to mass-produce 3D-printed shoe with Silicon Valley start-up

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