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Alfred E. Mann, the entrepreneur who helped blind

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

If it's a bionic Col

Steve Austin, the 70-year-old television celebrity, the Six Million dollar, was built by one person and should have been Alfred E. Mann.

For nearly 60 years, billions

Dollar Mann is a leader in the development of Biotechnology and Bioengineering.

His company's website says in a low profile that his products are full of 'unmet and poor medical needs '.

In fact, they changed their lives.

Whirlwind AmericaS.

Entrepreneurs, physicists and inventors founded 14 companies (

The last one is Mankin)

From aerospace to pharmaceutical to medical devices,

Sold billions. His best-

Known breakthroughs include the first pacemakers and straight-up using radio waves for telemetry-out-of-sci-

sci-fi bionic eye that blind people can see. Mann died Feb.

25, 90, is in Las Vegas.

Born in Portland, Oregon.

He's a B.

Voyager in World War II later studied physics at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Army hired him to raise the opposition.

Tank missile navigation technology

This led to the establishment of his first two companies: Spectrolab, which makes electronic products

Heliotek, manufacturer of optical systems and semiconductors.

He sold it twice in 1960.

Mann is a pioneer in cochlear implants for hearing loss patients and produces a second visual medical product in Sylmar, California

It creates an electronic retina that provides primary vision for those who are blinded by certain eye diseases.

The eye is sold under the trade name Argus, providing electrical stimulation to induce visual perception in patients with retinal pigmentation, and potentially age-

Related amd

Argus by pioneer

Avant-garde glasses and a video processing unit (VPU)

It is about the size of the Sony Walkman, and it is worn on the sling.

First, on a piece of silicone rubber pad about the size of a small nail, 60 electrode arrays were implanted into the back wall of the eyeball through surgery.

There is a miniature camera on the glasses to capture a scene.

The image is sent to the VPU where it is processed and converted into a signal.

These signals are then transmitted wirelessly to the retina implant, bypassing the damaged optical sensor, stimulating the remaining cells of the retina, which transmit visual information along the visual nerve to the brain.

Like a real eye, this bionic device creates a perception of the pattern of light.

'This is actually the most complicated eye surgery we do . '

Eye specialist Robert dewenyi of the University Health Networkin-

Chief, and the first eye doctor in Canada to perform a bionic eye surgery using Argus.

'To be honest, I think this is the most amazing medical development of our lives.

Of course, this is the most amazing development in ophthalmology, 'said Devenyi, who works on the second visual Medical Advisory Board.

So far, Devenyi has performed six surgeries, all of which are for patients with ret inflammation, a degenerative disease that causes severe visual loss.

'The changes in their lives are shocking,' he said . '

Patients can walk around, 'they can identify objects, they can reach out at the table to get things, and they can find an empty seat on the subway.

lady was happy to tell me that she could see her Christmas lights for the first time in 40 years.

Man's company

Acquired nine companies for nearly $8 billion (U. S. )

Three open.

Insulin pumps and inhaled forms of insulin have also been produced, as well as wearable devices that provide electrical stimulation to activate damaged nerves and muscles in the thighs and hands.

His Pacesetter Systems Company.

Become the world's second largest maker of pacemakers.

Devenyi believes that with bionic eyes, the best has not yet arrived --

More powerful processors, even higher

Define the sensor.

'20 years ago, when I heard people start working on this eye, I don't think it will make any progress,' he admits . '.

'But it's really an amazing story and it's only going to get better.

Mann's philosophy is simple: 'creating something that really affects people's lives exceeds anything you can do,' he said in 2007 . '.

His legacy was worth $2 in 2010.

2 billion, he is one of the 40 billion billionaires who promised to donate at least half of their wealth to charity.

Alfred E. Mann, the entrepreneur who helped blind people see

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