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Alpha Anywhere 2.0 Builds Hybrid Business Apps

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Burlington, Massachusetts. --(BUSINESS WIRE)--

From today on, developers can cut the time and cost required by the production enterprise

level hybrid business application running on multiple mobile devices and the web.

Alpha Software announced the release of Alpha Anywhere™2.

0, before completion-end to back-end, prototype-to-

Rapid development and deployment of enterprise production environmentlevel, cross-

Application platform for mobile and web services.

Alpha anywhere 2.

0 integrates many powerful enhancements, including Adobe®PhoneGap™Build integration, enhance security, build-

High support-

Quality icon fonts and design elements, as well as new style templates that reflect the latest look and feel of ios 7 and Android.

'We have integrated the Adobe PhoneGap Build so that developers can build from simple-to-

Use Alpha-six-chlorine in any place.

'Alpha Anywhere is a single development and deployment environment with rich design, security, integration and management capabilities, reducing development time by 5 to 10 times and simplifying building html 5

Just a click, Alpha anywhere 2.

0 can then convert these HTML5 business applications to a installable hybrid application with full access to the device hardware.

Max Hammond, chief financial officer and vice president, senior practice management, said: 'We initially built our solution into Alpha Anywhere responsive web design for smartphones, tablets and desktops. medical practice management company that provides software solutions for doctors.

'Building integration with the new Adobe PhoneGap in Alpha Anywhere, we are able to quickly and easily convert our solution into an installable Mobile business application, the app takes advantage of local hardware features directly and any mobile device or desktop used in the clinic

'The benefits of Html 5, plus access to local device features and deployments through the App Store, build HTML5 applications in Alpha Anywhere, enables developers to quickly create a wide range of mobile devices and networks.

Alpha Anywhere makes it possible to create a hybrid business application with one click by fully automating the process of building Adobe PhoneGap™The app builds the service by integrating Adobe PhoneGap, which assembles PhoneGap applications in the cloud from HTML5 and standardized local code.

As a result, Alpha Anywhere retains the benefits of HTML5 development and adds benefits that are common in local applications, such as leveraging hardware features such as barcode scanners, local storage, and contact lists.

'By giving developers-and even those who don't have prior knowledge of PhoneGap-a simple and quick way to make Alpha possible anywhere --

Alpha Software creates HTML5 business applications as hybrid applications, which makes it a reality to create powerful cross-platform hybrid business applications for more businesses, 'Brian ler, product manager at Adobe PhoneGap

'By leveraging PhoneGap, Alpha software customers can quickly create, update, and deploy business applications running on a variety of devices, and can take advantage of the key hardware features required for new mobile applications

'' Build the integration with the new PhoneGap in Alpha Anywhere 2.

Dan Bricklin said: 'Developers can build impressive HTML5 business applications, convert them into hybrid business applications, and then deploy them through the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, alpha software from CTO.

'We have integrated the Adobe PhoneGap Build so that developers can build from simple-to-

Use the Alpha Anywhere environment.

'Enhancements to make it easier to develop and deploy responsive business applications. Other new enhancements in the latest version of Alpha Anywhere include: Built-in-in, Wizard-

Driving support for industry standard icon fonts makes selection and use high

Quality icons and design elements that are rendered as fonts, rather than requiring multiple bitmaps for different screen sizes and resolutions.

Developers can choose from a wide variety of professional design icons, allowing them to get a nice look without any effort.

Support Cross

Domain Ajax callbacks help get data from third partiesparty services.

The digital format wizard makes it easier to specify a complex digital format for the data displayed on the screen, such as currency, part number, etc.

The new Web application security wizard makes it easier to configure the Alpha Anywhere security framework.

The new feature leverages popular libraries to access files using URL syntax, facilitating the use of the cURL command on the server.

Automatically supports enhancements to an international version of the application.

Many enhancements to list controls, including client-

Edge Group breaks, index bars, and filtering and sorting all enhance the display of the list.

In addition to the existing ios 6 and many desktop themes, new style themes that support the appearance of ios 7 and Android.

New QuickStart template added to the Alpha Anywhere Library.

Alpha Anywhere, available-

Premise and cloud

Hosting-based, transparent and affordable licensing can now be provided, as well as low ongoing operating costs.

The full version is available for 30-day free trial.

For more information, visit: Alpha Software, an Alpha software company, provides innovative development and deployment products for a variety of business application developers, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.

Alpha Anywhere is the complete front lineend to back-end, prototype-to-

Production environment for rapid development and deployment of enterprises --level, cross-

Application platform for mobile and web services.

For more than a decade, the cost of developers and business professionals in tens of thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries

Effectively deploy enterprise applications with Alpha software products

House and cloud.

For more information, please visit www. AlphaSoftware.

Com, follow us on @ AlphaSWCorp's Twitter

Alpha Anywhere is a trademark of Burlington Alpha Software, Massachusetts.

All other products and company names and marks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Contact: 781-Steve frideberg, Alpha Software229-4500, ext.

601PR @ AlphaSoftware. e. com

Alpha Anywhere 2.0 Builds Hybrid Business Apps with One Click

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