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Amputee Peddles Prosthetic Finger Made From Bike Parts

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

Colin McDuff blew off part of his middle finger in a gun accident.

Then he made himself a fake finger with bicycle parts.

He was very pleased with his new finger, so he sold it to other finger amputees and wanted to give Ram Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago a finger amputee.

'How hysterical will it be to give a politician a finger and get away with it?

McDuff asked abc News. com.

McDuff, 41, is from Olympia, Washington.

When he shot his finger with a shotgun in 2009, he did not laugh.

When he asked the doctor about the choice of the prosthesis, the doctor told him that he did not need the prosthesis and only needed to get used to it.

Macduff found a prosthetic company he liked with displeasure, but they told him that he needed to cut his fingers further in order to adapt to the design of the prosthesis.

Macduff, a former welder and bike rider at a bicycle shop with a degree in computer-aided drawing and design, refuses to get used to life without fingers.

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Eight hours later, he showed up with his biological prototype.

Finger prosthesis.

The former Navy officer made three trips in the Gulf area and was out of work before the accident.

McDuff said his idea of designing his fingers was a retraining of his early design education and a way to deal with amputations.

'This is very therapeutic for me,' said Macduff . '.

There are three parts of the finger.

Using the remaining parts of the bike shop, Macduff manufactured the ring where the prosthesis is located at the amputee and the cage that protects the amputee finger.

He uses the rear co-pilot hook of the bike as the tip, which simulates the normal fingertip.

Nearly four years later, Macduff's finger prosthesis design is available for other finger amputees.

His former employer considered his design worthy of a patent application and helped him to obtain a temporary patent in 2012.

Macduff's company, RCM Enterprise, leverages manufacturers with 3D printing capabilities to manufacture complete, partial and thumb prosthetic limbs from metal bike parts to medical grade plastics.

'I have about seven fingers,' McDuff said . '

The process takes 10 to 12 weeks, starting with the patient putting his hand on the copier and then sending the scan to Macduff for processing.

'Each finger is customized,' says Macduff . '.

'Even if they don't have insurance, we will work with them to make a payment plan.

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Old's artificial limbs range from $5,500 for some fingers to $9,500 for the thumb.

'When amputees lose their fingers, they experience extreme emotional loss,' says Macduff . '.

'This gives people hope, functionality.

We have to get people back to work.

'Macduff is now working on a design that allows the amputee to use his prosthesis on the touch screen.

Unemployment is no longer a problem for McDuff to run the company with his wife.

'I hope to start riding again this year and live a better life.

'All the hard work is done,' he said . '

Amputee Peddles Prosthetic Finger Made From Bike Parts

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