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Analysis of 13 basic items that need regular maintenance in cnc machining center

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2013-03- 12 20: 24

extension analysis the 13 basic projects that the cnc machining center needs to maintain regularly. The extension prototype model is based on years of cnc machining experience and actual operation, now we share 13 basic items that need regular maintenance in cnc machining center. Mechanical part 1. Check the lubrication system, pressure gauge status, clean the filter screen of the lubrication system, replace the lubricating oil, and clear the oil circuit. Processing Center 2. Check the gas path system, clean the air filter and eliminate the leakage of pressure gas. 3. Check the liquid system, clean the filter, clean the fuel tank, replace or filter the oil. If possible, replace the seal. 4. Tighten the transmission parts and replace the bad standard parts. 5. Grease lubrication parts, add grease 6 as required, clean and clean each transmission surface, 7. Check the state of the knife library and manipulator, analyze the wear state of the manipulator, and propose replacement suggestions to the customer. 8. Repair the damaged parts that modify the external components. 9. Check the status of the shield. Accurately feedback the information to the customer. Electrical Part 10. Clean the electrical components in the control cabinet and check and tighten the fastening status of the terminal blocks. 11. Clean and clean the control module and circuit board of the CNC system, clean the fan, air filter, clean the heat dissipation device, 12. Clean the fan blade of the servo motor. 13. Clean the internal components of the operation panel, circuit boards and fans. Check the fastening status of the connectors.

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