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Analysis of the influencing factors of prototype accuracy by prototype manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2018-11- 22 16: 27

with the attention paid by all walks of life to the prototype proofing, the prototype is also spread across all walks of life, in the process of new product development, enterprises need to use prototypes, and the accuracy of prototypes is very strict, so that accurate data can be obtained when testing, thus speeding up the research and development of new products. Then what factors will affect the accuracy of the prototype, the following is a prototype manufacturer to introduce you.

as we all know, in the processing mode of the prototype manufacturer, the precision of CNC machining is very high, it is mainly to do subtraction on the material, so as to get the prototype. Therefore, the prototype processing accuracy is closely related to the tool. The knife used in the processing machine is generally a tungsten steel knife. After this knife is generally used several times, the knife will wear out, so there are errors in the knife.

Secondly, it is also related to the knife, however, many prototype manufacturers, in order to save costs, will choose not to have a knife-facing instrument when choosing a machine, only manual knife-facing, so there are tolerances on personnel. In order to ensure the accuracy of the prototype, the extension model has been installed on many cnc equipment, which can not only accurately correct the knife, but also greatly improve the work efficiency.

not only the processing equipment will affect in a prototype manufacturer accuracy of the prototype, it is also related to the level of operators, so when choosing a prototype factory, you need to choose an experienced manufacturer. The extension model has been engaged in prototype customization for 17 years and has accumulated rich experience.

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