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Analysis of the significance of prototype brand image in the prototype industry

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2017-08- 31 16: 21

The prototype model is produced according to the design of the customer's needs, so it is highly dependent on the customer, for this reason, the brand effect of the prototype model can not be fully reflected. However, with the development of market economy in recent years, the status of brand effect has emerged. How to manage the brand has become a concern of many prototype model manufacturers. They all know that the power of the brand can not be ignored, but at the same time of production, the good brand. According to statistics, at present, there are more than ten prototype model trademarks and brands in China, and some of them are already applying for national trademarks. There are also more and more prototype model enterprises begin to pay attention to the development of the scale of raw products, but also to protect the ecological environment from pollution, subsequently, many prototype enterprises have passed the international quality system certification and environmental management certification. With the improvement of China's productivity year by year, the demand for prototype model market has also greatly increased. Many entrepreneurs and investors have invested in China's prototype model enterprises, accounting for a large proportion of investment in Chinese and foreign capital and private capital, the investment atmosphere is generally high, and some technical transformation projects and new projects are constantly emerging, bringing new vitality to China's prototype model enterprises.

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