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Analysis of the significance of prototype model making to provide product promotion for enterprises

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2014-07- 10 12: 07

analysis of the meaning of prototype model production to provide product promotion for enterprises. After the prototype model is produced, it can not only be seen, but also be touchable, it can express the designer's thoughts intuitively, and its characteristic is to express them in kind and avoid the'See no use'Disadvantages. Therefore, in the process of prototype production and new product development, it is not enough to design according to the drawings, and only after inspection can the designer's requirements be met. Because the prototype model can also be modified, it can be used to check whether the designed product is reasonable and the difficulty of installation. The prototype model can be used to find the problem earlier, solve the problem, and avoid the risk of opening the mold directly. In the process of producing products, the orders that are difficult to receive are not in single quantity, and are generally produced in batches. The cost of producing these mold products is generally high, even reaching millions, if in the process of mold products, it is found that the product structure designed is unreasonable and has drawbacks, the loss can be imagined. If the prototype model is made first and the shortcomings are found to be modified in time, such problems can be avoided. Since the prototype production is made before the production of regular products, the prototype model can be used to promote the product and strive to occupy the market in the early stage of production.

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