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Apple looking to Israel for camera technology

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

large part of the advanced camera technology expected to be included in the new iPhone model is Apple's Israeli engineer's product in hurzilla.

source familiar with the company's future plans said: 'The next iPhone will include many technologies developed in Israel . '.

Under the guidance of the new Apple Israel CEO, Rony Friedman, Apple is currently recruiting dozens of engineers in camera development, sensors, image processing, computer imaging, optics and electronicsoptics.

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iPhone 8 (

Photo: all applepro)

Apple Israel is also looking for a technical director of computer graphics for 3D modeling.

Creating animations and computer graphics in a computer game or movie requires a background, depending on the advertisement.

'As part of this position, you will be a member of a team that uses advanced camera algorithms and sensors . . . . . .

The size model of the environment, objects, and textures, 'read the advertisement.

The job details Apple is seeking reinforce the general perception of the iPhone 8 that it will include three

Size camera.

While details are still invisible at best, it is believed that the new 3D camera will allow the iPhone to recognize the depth in pictures and videos.

For example, this will allow the creation of three-

3D models, objects and even advanced applications or games.

In addition, the possibility of a 3D camera can even allow the device to accurately identify the user's face, similar to fingerprint recognition.

However, many believe that this advanced capability is not ready by September --

When the new iPhone is expected to be released --

And will only appear in future iPhone models.

In recent years, reports from foreign media, analysts' assessments and Apple's official statements have indicated that Apple is stepping up efforts to develop cameras and computer vision in Israel.

Apple looking to Israel for camera technology

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