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ARC Group, Voxeljet, And Cimatron: A Diversified

by:Tuowei     2019-06-07

For a long-

3D printing offers an attractive opportunity as a long-term investor, as the technology has the potential to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes.

Diversity is a way to invest in the 3D printing market.

Having multiple 3D printing stocks can both share the industry's gains and hedge some losses.

Usually, when the larger 3D printing stock 3D system Company(NYSE:DDD)

And Stratasys Limited(NASDAQ:SSYS)

Reporting revenue, their success or failure may affect other parts of the market.

When DDD reported results of 2014 in the second quarter, DDD fell by 10%, SSYS fell by 4%, and Exone Co. (NASDAQ:XONE)fell 7%.

When SSYS released 2014 for the second quarter, SSYS rose 14%, DDD rose 2%, and XONE rose 7%. well-

Not only printer manufacturers, service providers and CAD (

Computer-aided design

Software developers

This distribution can provide ground 3D printing machines that actually work, the service department that will obtain and use the printing machine, as well as the CAD function of designing the blueprint and inputting it into the printer.

Let's take a look at some small

Limit 3D printing inventory according to the above business model. Voxeljet (NYSE:VJET)

It is an industrial printer manufacturer and service provider centered on Germany and expanded to North America in Canton, Michigan.

The expansion to North America could bring VJET into the US automotive industry and assumed Canadian customers.

The printing area of the maximum printer VX 4000 provided by VJET is 3. 3x6. 5x13.

1 cubic foot capable of printing in plastic, sand or metal to make molds.

Printers with large operating areas can be used to produce smaller products in batches or to manufacture larger products such as car or aircraft parts.

2014 revenue in the second quarter increased 31% from 2013 in the second quarter.

Profit margin of 2014 in the second quarter rose from 2014 in the first quarter.

5% compared to 28. 7%.

Expanding to North America will find new customers for VJET and find new markets for its printers, especially the massive VX 4000, which may enter US-made systems.

General Motors. (NYSE:GM)sold 2.

In the second quarter of the 5 million fiscal year, there were 2014 vehicles at a cost of $39 billion.

Assuming the cost of all vehicles is equal, 800,000 cars sold in the United StatesS.

GM will cost about $12. 5 billion.

If VJET makes a 1% profit by setting up a factory in MI, VJET will make a profit of $0. 125 billion, almost half its total market value.

Global ARC Group (NASDAQ:ARCW)

It is a global provider of 3D printing services, providing printing and manufacturing services.

What makes ARCW unique is that it provides printing services but does not sell or distribute printers on its own.

It acts as a middleman to provide 3D printing services to customers without actually operating potentially complex 3D printers.

ARCW provides methods for injection molding of plastics and metals, combining substances together, injecting them into molds, and treating substances into operational capabilities.

ARCW reported $2014 in the first quarter.

Income is 6 million.

Since ARCW does not produce and distribute printers, there is no need for research and development funds dedicated to printer development. VJET paid $1.

R & D 1 million in the 2014 quarter is committed to developing several projects to improve printer capabilities and product supply.

If ARCW needs to invest a considerable amount of R & D funds to develop and improve the printer, the revenue will be only $500,000.

This reduced cost allows ARCW to invest more in advertising and business growth. Cimatron Ltd. (NASDAQ:CIMT)

Is a provider of computer-aided design, CAD and computer-aided manufacturing of molds, tools and parts.

The brand includes integrated software line gibs cam software and CimatronE for medical, aerospace, electronics and other industries.

In 2013, CIMT set up a 3D printing advisory committee in the board of directors to begin providing manufacturing software to the 3D printing industry.

CimatronE software, introduced in July 2014, is in line with the 3D printing machine. micro-

Cap shares with a market capitalization of $70 million, CIMT reported a 2014 in the second quarter compared to revenue growth of 6. 5% to $11. 8 million.

Net profit also rose by $1.

3 million from $1.

2013 in the second quarter.

Net profit also rose 2012 in 2013 to $4.

Rose 8 million from $3. 7 million.

With the growth of the 3D printing market, it is expected to reach $3.

7 billion through 2015, providing 3D printing compatibility with its software opens cmt for markets with geometric growth potential.

Small-cap stocks like this are much more risky than large-cap stocks, but the growth potential is greater.

If an equal amount of money was invested on every project of VJET, ARCW and cmt a year ago, the investment will grow by 200% so far.

If a large part of the portfolio is put into small-cap stocks.

Investors preparing to add these shares to the portfolio should hold long positions as the 3D printing market is still in the early stages of expansion.

The 3D printing market is changing rapidly and is expected to fluctuate.

VJET's stock price depends largely on the sales of printers, so R & D is critical to producing excellent printers that can compete in the market.

Services may also expand in the future, especially if new facilities in Guangzhou lead to new customer groups.

ARCW is a service provider that provides services and manufacturing, not printers.

This method is very effective because of the increasing popularity of the 3D printing industry and less experience in operating 3D printers.

ARCW provides expertise without the need for customers to train their employees in 3D printing.

In the future, as the application of 3D printers becomes more and more extensive, and more people have experience in operating them, ARCW may have to change its approach.

In addition, both VJET and DDD operate areas of service that compete with ARCW to provide manufacturing services.

With the growth and expansion of all of these printers, the cmt, as a software provider for all of the printers in CimatronE, will gain revenue.

With the expansion of the 3D printing market, both VJET, ARCW and CIMT are excellent

Expand with it.

Disclosure: The authors are long DDD, VJET, ARCW, CIMT.

The author wrote this article himself and expressed his views.

The author was not compensated (

In addition to Seeking Alpha).

The author has no business relationship with any company mentioned in this article.

Other disclosures: The data provided here is for reference only.

Before buying or selling stocks, you should do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

The investment includes the risk and potential loss of the principal.

Editor's note: This article covers one or more microcap stocks.

Please note the risks associated with these stocks.

ARC Group, Voxeljet, And Cimatron:  Diversified 3D Printing Combo

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