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Can the plastic prototype be oxidized?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-11- 29 11: 54

customers who have made prototypes generally know that the prototype can mainly detect the rationality of product appearance and structural design, therefore, many customers will do some process when making plastic prototype models.

while many processes and materials are required in general prototype factories, such as the process of spraying, oxidation, electroplating, high gloss, silk screen printing, drawing, polishing, laser carving and so on in Zhejiang prototype proofing factory, so can the oxidation process be processed on plastic materials in these processes? Here, the extension model can accurately tell that the plastic prototype model cannot be oxidized. Oxidation can only be done by the aluminum alloy prototype. The oxidation is to soak the aluminum alloy prototype in the potion and let the potion corrosion into the prototype to cause oxidation reaction.

whereas the plastic prototype model is if you color, generally, the appearance processing technology of fuel injection is adopted. The oxidized color has a metal texture, which looks like a high-end atmosphere. If you use fuel injection, you can't adjust the effect anyway, the color of the fuel injection can reach a similarity of 80% with the oxidized color.

plastic prototype models can only be sprayed, Plated, silk screen printing, laser carving and other processes, in fact, each process and material has its own advantages and disadvantages, just choose the right one.

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