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Cancer patient receives 3D printed ribs in world first surgery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
A cancer patient in Spain has successfully received a 3D printed titanium breast and rib implant. In a world-
A cancer patient in Spain underwent this procedure for the first time and successfully received a 3D printed titanium breast and rib implant, recovering well.
Suffering from chest wall tumor (a tumor that grows inside and around the rib cage), 54-year-
The old man needs a replacement of his breastbone and part of his rib cage.
Because of complex geometry and complex structures, this part of the chest is notoriously tricky to reconstruct with prosthetic limbs, the researchers said.
Therefore, the patient surgery team from the University Hospital of Salamanca, Spain determined that a fully customizable 3D printed breastbone and rib cage would be the best option.
\"We thought maybe we could create a new type of implant that we could completely customize to replicate the complex structure of the breastbone and ribs,\" said Dr. Jose Aranda ,\", he\'s part of the surgical team.
Added, \"We want to provide safer options for our patients and improve them insurgery.
When they moved to Melbourne
Headquartered in medical device company Anatomics, implants were designed and manufactured using the 3D printing facility 22 Laboratory of the Commonwealth Organization for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO.
With high-resolution CT data, the anatomy team was able to create 3D reconstruction of the chest and tumor, allowing the surgeon to plan and define the removed edges accurately.
The team then made the implants with a surgical grade titanium alloy.
\"We built the implant for $1.
\"3 million Arcam printers,\" said Alex Kingsbury of the CSIRO Manufacturing team . \".
\"The printer works by directing a bunch of electrons on a titanium powder bed in order to melt it.
Then repeat the process and build the product layer by layer. by-
Until you have a full implant, \"said Kingsbury.
After the prosthesis was completed, it was delivered to Spain and implanted into the patient.
\"The operation was very successful.
\"Thanks to 3D printing technology and unique removal templates, we were able to create a body part that was completely customized and installed like a glove,\" Aranda said . \".
The patient was discharged 12 days after the operation and recovered well.
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