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Car prototype factory, confidential and strict service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-08- 04 11: 40

Jianghuai Automobile must have been heard by everyone. It is a whole vehicle enterprise. Few people know that they also make industrial products, mainly for their own car service enterprises, increase the use value of cars. In the early stage, their products need to be tested by car prototypes, so the extension model was found through the network.

spend a lot of time in these two months to find the relevant leaders of Jianghuai Automobile Research and development, I took the company's relevant information and the prototype of some related products to visit the door.

they welcomed this. After the negotiation, they were sincerely invited to visit our company to understand, on Monday, a group of them came to our company to see the factory and expressed their recognition of our equipment secrecy and related production teams. Yesterday, the product inquiry came from the company, I quoted three different prices for their reference. Today, they confirmed one of the prototype production methods, placed an order, and a single order also had a small amount, and boarded the cattle business news, we will do our best to bow and serve this high-quality customer. I wish them a high performance and common progress.

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