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Car Rearview Mirror prototype production, high precision manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-08- 31 20: 28

The Car Rearview Mirror has'One Eye'The role of the driver to expand the scope of vision. However, the quality and installation of the rearview mirror have corresponding industry standards and cannot be arbitrarily. Therefore, when developing a new rearview mirror prototype, a Car Rearview Mirror prototype needs to be made. Then choose what kind of prototype factory is guaranteed.

select extension dimension, an enterprise that makes a prototype model, not only makes a beautiful appearance, but also has a very high accuracy, so far, more than 3000 companies have served, why so many people choose us? . Because in order to make a good prototype, the extension model continuously introduces new processing equipment and improves the production process. While introducing the five-axis machine, it also employs the us cto as the technical director.

The extension dimension model can make a high-precision prototype of the car rearview mirror for you, the precision is as high as 0. 01-0. 05mm, help you develop new products faster and put them into the market faster, so as to get more economic benefits.

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