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cars, guns, and even moon bases: how 3d printing works

by:Tuowei     2019-09-02
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have invented a printer that can output stem cells.
The European Space Agency hopes to build a manned base on the moon using 3D printing technology.
Even a fully functional car.
This is not your previous dot matrix printer.
The advances in 3D printing and the sharp drop in prices have enabled almost anyone to \"print\" out almost anything they can think.
This process is relatively simple: imagine if your normal printer does not advance the page after printing a line of text and outputs the second line of text on the first line of text. Then another. And another.
In the end, the application of ink will accumulate.
The 3D printer is deposited layer by layer on the material instead of ink to make the product.
Many manufacturers, including aircraft giant Boeing, use them to print parts;
In fact, the equipment was developed for these industries and for other industries to make prototypes of hard plastic products like Lego toys.
But as the consumer market grows, the prices of these machines have fallen, leading to a surge in interest in these machines
Known as the \"manufacturer\" scenario. Low-
Terminal 3D printers can now be purchased online between $1,500-$4,000. The high-
The price of the terminal printer needed to make gun parts is still above $10,000.
The leader at the scene, Makerbot, has already scored high marks from the commenters of PCMag.
Com and CNET, who won the CES Best Technology Award in 2012.
The company\'s high-end MakerBot Replicator 2 is priced at $2,199.
Rich Brown, who has been reporting the technology for CNET for years, called the technology a combination of frustration and awe.
\"It\'s very efficient to maintain, but it\'s also very interesting.
If you want it to be more than just a trinket, then it takes patience, trial and error to get an object that looks fine, \"he told FoxNews. com.
The company explained that on 3D printers, the quality is usually measured by the height of each layer, and the smaller layer means higher resolution.
Duplicator 2 prints layers as thin as 100 microns--
But it won\'t be as fast as your inkjet. “It’s slow.
It\'s not uncommon for an object the size of a small matchbox to spend 45 minutes, \"Brown told Fox News. com.
Still, Makerbot and others have high hopes.
The company even opened retail stores in Manhattan.
\"The technology seems to be growing fast every day.
Brown told Fox News it was crazy. com.
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