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Changsha prototype factory-The technical director of the United States personally directed

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-04- 17 08: 02

Mr. Wu, a customer who is an electronic product company in Changsha, contacted the extension model online, their company has a new product that needs to be prototype to test whether the design requirements of the product's structure, appearance, etc.

According to the drawings provided by Mr. Wu, it is personally evaluated by the US technical director of the extension model, to provide customers with some suggestions and detailed processing plans, they said they were quite satisfied, saying that the Changsha prototype factory they were looking for had no such service and believed in the extension model, I gave a prototype to look at the quality of the extension model.

after a few days, Mr. Wu received the prototype made by the extension model, indicating that the quality is quite good, in particular, the surface treatment effect is better than the Changsha prototype factory that has previously cooperated, indicating that the prototype will be made on the extension model side in the future.

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