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Chengdu prototype factory-Reject inferior prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-03- 23 08: 08

As the saying goes'Being penny wise and pound foolish':'I picked up sesame seeds and dropped watermelon'. This is a simple few words, contains the essence of future generations to avoid mistakes. The experience summed up by the ancients has benefited us from the future generations. These words mean that we should not lose our long-term interests because of the immediate interests. There is an example in Chengdu prototype factory.

some time ago, a customer searched'Chengdu prototype factory' I found the extension model. This customer is san. They have worked with a local prototype factory to make prototypes before, because the price of this prototype factory is particularly cheap. It may be human nature, I will feel that the good thing that will drop the pie in the sky will happen to myself. So, he gave the order to the prototype factory, but san waited for nearly half a month, and urged it every few days. Finally, under the hardship, the prototype factory was finally completed, but when the finished product was handed over to the san, the appearance of the prototype was uneven, and some unclear corners were broken. Even without the consent of san, the prototype could not be used at all and could not achieve the desired effect.

is helpless, san had to re-find a prototype factory to cooperate. When chatting with several friends, he learned that the prototype made by the extension model is not bad, much better than the general Chengdu prototype factory, and the prototype looks beautiful, with high precision, you can't find any shortcomings in a dragon service. So, Mr. san moved his heart and found the extension model. After he communicated with the salesman, he learned that the customer wasted too much time before, so the working time was more urgent. The employee gave the quotation to the customer within 2 hours, san is very satisfied, that is, the price is a little higher. So I told the customer that although the price is high, it is only because there will be no situation in the service. The customer felt that the amount was not large, and the order was placed.

Given this situation of Mr san, taowei rushed to make the customer's prototype completely according to his requirements in three days, and he said that because he found the Chengdu prototype factory this time, he was relieved of being punished by his boss. The employees who were able to help this customer, the extension model, were also very happy. If you want to cooperate with a Chengdu prototype factory, you can try the extension model and contact the customer service on the right side! You are welcome to disturb!

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