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Chongqing prototype factory-Help you detect design ideas

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2019-08- 01 10: 21

one purpose of the prototype of Chongqing prototype factory is to look at the appearance. There is a big visual difference between looking at the picture and looking at the real object in the computer, it is more intuitive to see the real thing. For example, after a car parts factory designs a car lamp, I don't know if the design effect is perfect. At this time, I can observe whether there is any unreasonable place by making a prototype, and then make corrections, this will reduce a lot of losses when mass production is carried out.

customers from Singapore found Chongqing prototype factory to make an air conditioner prototype Project, the customer made this prototype to find out the shortcomings of the design drawings, so as to make a trial and error. The prototype of the air conditioner is CNC machining. The surface treatment process used is only fuel injection, but it looks very beautiful, as the general manager of the extension model said. ' prototype of CNC gongs with three streams will not be very bad as long as the appearance is handled well' What's more, this prototype is made of large CNC machining equipment, and the accuracy itself is not bad.

as long as you tell the extension model about the conception and requirements of your product, the prototype factory in Chongqing will be in 3 ~ Within 5 days, make your satisfactory prototype and send it to you by SF Express. Tuowei model sincerely provides you with a high-precision prototype, quality assurance, affordable price, punctual delivery, and completion of tasks as required. What you want, Chongqing prototype factory can do it for you.

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