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Choose a professional hardware prototype factory, and the accuracy and delivery period are guaranteed

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2017-11- 23 12: 01

The hardware prototype processing itself is more complicated, and the material cost is higher, so when we look for the hardware prototype processing factory, special attention should be paid to whether the manufacturer transfers and whether the quotation is reasonable. Although each manufacturer has its own quotation standard, the advantage of choosing a high-quality manufacturer is obvious.

I. The machining accuracy is higher. Not all manufacturers can carry out hardware wrench processing, need to have strong strength. Hardware prototypes generally have high requirements for accuracy, and ordinary CNC machining equipment is difficult to achieve customer satisfaction, so it is necessary to purchase imported equipment, and the extension model introduces Japanese imported brothers, when processing the hardware prototype, the accuracy can reach 0. 05mm, can meet the requirements of the customer needs to customize the precision prototype.

2. The quotation is more transparent. Before we choose a cooperative manufacturer, we will certainly compare the quotation of the prototype model. The professional manufacturers can provide us with transparent charging standards. The corresponding materials, design and processing costs will be stated in the contract, so that we can cooperate with each other.

3. Regular contracts are safer. After all, the hardware prototype processing also requires a lot of upfront investment, so we must sign a formal contract with the other party. Professional manufacturers will directly require us to sign contracts, so as to ensure that the interests of both parties are not damaged and the cooperation will continue.

4. The delivery period is more secure. Professional hardware prototype factory, engaged in prototype production for so many years, must not be too small, can effectively ensure the delivery of the prototype. However, some small workshops have only one or two sets of equipment, and each employee has multiple positions. Once a large order is encountered, it will be caught off guard.

select a professional hardware prototype factory, it can ensure the accuracy and delivery of the prototype, and the price of the prototype is also relatively transparent. Shenzhen tuowei model is such a hardware prototype factory.

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