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Cnc prototype model processing, free three-dimensional accuracy detection

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2018-11- 30 18: 17

There are many processing manufacturers in Shenzhen, but cnc prototype model processing is carried out. It is recommended that you choose tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. The reason for this is now for everyone to come one by one. In terms of experience, the extension model was founded in 2002 to focus on prototype customization for 17 years and constantly improve itself. Hire us CTO with high salary, know homework. The appearance quality is 38% higher than that of peers.

there is still a long-term development that has gradually grown. Nowadays, 55 sets of maintenance models have been used for cnc prototype model processing. This configuration can be compared with many small factories. Compared with the accuracy of the small factory, the workshop adopts a new five-axis machining machine, which can process complex surfaces that cannot be processed by the three-axis machine. Higher efficiency and less precision. Up to ±0. 01mm.

after meeting the above conditions, the extension model performs cnc prototype model processing for you 24 hours, and can be shipped quickly for three days. In addition, it also provides three dimensional precision detection certificates for customers free of charge. You only need to provide the prototype to send it back to you after the test is completed. Do you like such suppliers?

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