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Cnc prototype proofing manufacturers-Win-win with customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2019-04- 16 08: 06

Mr. Chang of Wuhan has just started to set up a company and urgently needs a new product to open up the market. He has just designed the drawings, I can't wait to find a cnc prototype proofing manufacturer to make a prototype. I heard my friend say that the manufacturer in Shenzhen is good, so I found the extension model by searching this keyword on the internet and got in touch with the relevant business ye gong.

learned by Ye gong in his chat, mr. Chang intends to find a cnc prototype proofing manufacturer in Shenzhen, from manufacturing a prototype to installing a one-stop service. Due to the relationship between distance, Mr. Chang is connected with Ye gong through QQ, and the specific production plan is also determined with the engineer. At the beginning of the processing, Mr. Chang specifically told the Ye Gong to pay attention to the quality and delivery of the prototype.

Leaf Workers fuel injection from CNC machining, post-processing process, silk screen printing, etc. he took pictures of the link, it also provides a three-dimensional inspection report to give customers a better understanding of the progress of prototype processing. Mr. Chang recognized Ye Gong's service attitude very much. He said that he had found a suitable cnc prototype proofing manufacturer on the Internet. Up to now, Mr. Chang has cooperated with the Tuowei model many times and has achieved win-win results.

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