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CNC Rapid Prototyping & CNC High Precision Machining


CNC machining  ( Numerical Control Machine Tools ) is a kind of program-controlled automated machining processes. The control system is able to deal with logic control codes or other symbols Directive stipulates ,Due to the procedures that decoded by the computer,  the machine can provide a good action performance thus cutting the rough material processed into semi-finished parts by the tools .

CNC machining

Advantage :

1 Good quality ,high accuracy and High productivity 


2 Can process  parts  with complex structures .


3 Selectivity of materials  


4 Small batch will be easier to control quality also save cost .


5 Don't need mold, can make the ideal product ,Therefore, this technology is most suitable for the R&D of new product and market research .


Portable Mock up for High Quality Charger Model Made in Shenzhen China .

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