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Vaccum Casting & Rapid Tooling

Vaccum Casting & Rapid Tooling


Vacuum Casting is a casting process for elastomers using a vacuum to draw the liquid  material into the mold. The process starts by placing a two pieces silicon  mold  in a  vacuum chamber . The raw material is mixed and degassed  and then poured into the mold.

Silicone rubber mould and small batch production model (prototype) is one of the ways, has the advantages of fast, low cost, small processing failure probability. Using a silicone mold can make 20 more pieces of the same product. Product material: ABS, PP, can be PC, PMMA, POM, high temperature resistant material, soft rubber, silicone rubber etc..

Silicone rubber mould

Size and the machinery performance are similar to steel mold injection of products that customer needs 10-200 pieces samples, duration and cost and not allows directly open steel injection mold .


Vacuum Casting

The most advantages of this process are the time of fast, low cost, small processing failure probability. In order to satisfy the customer short time get small batch test thus vacuum casting is most ideal of solution programme .   

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