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company making plans for asteroid mining

by:Tuowei     2019-09-05
The second company hopes to raise the commercial space to a higher level, has jumped into the lucrative emerging markets that the founders hope, in the near future
Asteroids using low fleet
Senior executives said on Tuesday that the cost of the robotic spacecraft.
The long-
The series aims to develop on-site manufacturing capabilities to harvest raw materials and building components in space using high-tech
A technology Mini Foundry built around complex 3D printers.
\"It\'s about the future.
Rick Tumlinson, chairman of the company, told reporters at a news conference in Santa Monica, California: \"This is to make things happen . \"
\"Deep space industry is a space resource company.
We are exploration, exploration, harvesting, processing and manufacturing based on space resources.
\"In general, our business plan, our idea, is to get into the field because it\'s starting.
Start today.
\"The Deep Space industry plans to start initial operations in 2015, launching three small satellites as secondary payload for launching communication satellites and other large spacecraft that will be carried into space.
Solar DSI FireFly spacecraft equipped with propulsion systems, solar panels and a range of small sensors and cameras will be in highspeed one-
The way to go to the selected target to characterize the composition of the related asteroid and its applicability to mining.
The Firefly weighs about 55 pounds based on the design currently used for low weight
Cost cube satellite missions sponsored by universities and other researchers.
If all goes well, DSI will follow the deployment of fireflies within 2017 of the time frame and deploy a slightly larger DragonFly spacecraft.
At a height of about 70 pounds, the Dragonfly will be launched on a two to four-year mission with the goal of recovering 60 to 150 pounds of asteroid material.
DSI\'s remote plans include systems that use laser grinding of asteroid materials and \"weightless casting\"
Drive the 3D printer to make complex metal parts without gravity.
Company officials did not discuss how much it might cost to build and launch the intended spacecraft.
But they stressed that no new technology is needed to turn dreams into reality.
\"You can\'t see any magic,\" says John Mankins, chief technology officer at DSI . \".
\"You didn\'t see any space elevators, and you didn\'t see the reverse.
Gravity, you can\'t see the warp drive.
Nothing in the business plan is pursued by the deep space industry, and technical research has been done in laboratories on Earth.
\"Although these technologies may not have been used in space, mankins said:\" The basic technology is actually in front of us, which is actually a problem, more is how to accelerate their application and deployment in a scientific and commercial way.
Another company, Planet Resources, April 2012
Announced plans to determine nearby
Asteroids loaded with ice, precious metals and other raw materials then send the robot lander to the selected target for mining operations.
The focus of Planetary Resources is to return valuable ore to Earth, or to turn ice into rocket fuel, thus greatly reducing the cost of space exploration. Ask-
However, the untested market could support multiple competitors, Tumlinson said, \"we all come together and everyone in different companies has the same tradition.
\"We think it\'s a free game,\" he said . \"
\"Do you know?
A company may be lucky.
Two companies have emerged, and this is the beginning of an industry.
So what you\'re seeing now is the beginning of a real industry that starts at lowEarth orbit.
\"We look forward to working with these guys.
Their goal is slightly different from ours, but there is a lot of space.
There is room for everyone.
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