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Confidential and strict medical prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-03- 08 08: 10

when a general medical manufacturing enterprise develops a new product, it will find a medical prototype model factory after the product drawing design is completed, according to the product drawings, do a prototype to see the effect, and check whether the design of the product is feasible.

since it is a new product developed by the enterprise, many customers are more concerned about the issue of secrecy, afraid that in the process of prototyping, product drawings are leaked out, so many customers will consider choosing a confidential and strict manufacturer to cooperate when choosing a medical prototype model factory.

at present, most of the confidential measures of medical prototype model factories have no other confidential measures only if they sign a confidential agreement. If you choose the extension model, another move is the confidential software. All computers of the company are equipped with confidential software and can be decrypted and opened only after authorization from the general manager.

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