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continuous top-down dlp experiments

by:Tuowei     2019-08-13
In the weeks after the announcement of carbon3d, several other projects were high-speed (>100mm/hr)
Stereo printing system, some of which use the topdown DLP.
Given the size of some of these claims (up to 500mm/hr)
If this is the case, it seems that others have made significant progress in the stereo molding process, which is worth studying.
The Ember team was curious about these claims, so we built a top-down dlp sla 3D printer (
Fusion 360 and STEP files attached)
And try to reproduce the results described here.
The initial experiments of a series of circles that we use to fully manually control the hardware and exposure mode produce surprisingly promising results (see above).
By using Ember\'s Z-
Reduce the build platform to a resin pool of 100um at a time (
Due to manual control, there is a variable pause of one second or less between movements)
, We were able to build a somewhat solid geometry at a build speed of about 120150mm/hr.
After these preliminary results, Mike\'s glass (cappiep)
Workflow and python scripts have been developed (attached)
Control for automated test hardware.
Using this hardware and control platform, we study the following process parameters and their effects on the following resin: Resin: Process Parameters: In the geometry we tested, there is a series of thin walls measured between 0. 5mm and 3. 0mm thick (
Attached as \"thinFeatureProbe. stl\")
, A set of tubes and a skull geometry close to the one used in the Gizmo3D video (
It was shelled to 2mm as a \"FTDskull\" connection. stl\").
While we are able to replicate speeds close to what is claimed in the Gizmo3D video, we are not able to replicate speeds with any meaningful object consistency or build quality.
However, we can understand the problem better --space for top-
Reduce dlp sla in continuous and discrete implementation.
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