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custom, 3d-printed urns come in any shape

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
A startup in Minnesota is using a 3D printer to create custom urn, shaped like objects that are important to those who hold them.
Eden Prairie was founded in 2013.
Headquarters always works with clients who have lost loved ones to design a vessel that will represent one\'s or her life when it contains one\'s ashes.
Each urn is unique and can be taken in any form, including ballet slippers, cars and musical instruments.
Urns are not plastic materials commonly used in 3D printing, but are made of ceramic
Enter the composite of the 3D printer in powder form.
Its shape is formed gradually with the color that binds each layer together, and the staff makes the final polish of the urn.
The company said it would take nine hours to print a URN.
The urn in honor of guitarist Bob Casale from Devo, shaped like the band\'s signature hat, until earlier this year, when Devo guitarist Bob Casale died of heart failure, always make Casale\'s family a urn in the shape of the band\'s iconic Energy Dome hat.
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Said Peter Surrey, founder.
Foreverence sells its urn through a funeral director, which usually costs thousands of dollars.
\"We want the funeral director to continue to focus on the legacy,\" Saari said . \".
\"What is important to the deceased?
What is the symbol of life, dream and pursuit of passion?
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